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Cox said he routinely connected potential volunteers with GOP campaigns. He described Page as “very informed and up to date on things.” Several former officials recall that when Page first showed up at Trump Tower, Lewandowski introduced him to other campaign aides. Lewandowski said he could not remember the encounter, which was first reported by the Daily Caller, but also did not rule it out. Clovis, who assembled and vetted the list of national security advisers that included Page, declined to comment. Now a top official at the Agriculture Department, Clovis had worked on Russia-related issues at the Pentagon in the 1980s and, as a candidate for U.S. Senate in Iowa in 2014, had questioned the effectiveness of sanctions imposed after Russia’s incursion into Ukraine. Representatives for Flynn, Sessions and Jared Kushner, Trump’s senior adviser, declined to comment. A White House official said senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, also a key campaign staffer at the time, had no role in the formation of the foreign policy group. A thorough vetting of Page might have revealed several red flags.

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By Avi Selk By Avi Selk May 27 at 11:26 AM Follow aviselk In this 2011 photo, an American Eagle regional jet airliner taxis at Boston’s Logan International Airport. (Stephan Savoia/AP) An American Airlines passenger is in federal lockup in North Carolina — accused of attacking a flight attendant and leaping from the jet as it prepared to take off from Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Thursday. Flight 5242 had just pulled away from the gate and the seat belt lights had flashed on when 22-year-old Tun Lon Sein got out of his seat and tried to force the main door open, according to a federal air marshal’s affidavit. A flight attendant and two passengers got up to stop Sein — much like what happened on another American flight this month , when crew and passengers restrained a man whose bizarre behavior in the air prompted a bomb threat alert and caused military jets to scramble. [ A man got a middle seat on a 13-hour flight. Passengers recorded his ‘fit of rage,’ then arrest. ] In this case, Sein couldn’t be restrained. He “tried to bite” the crew member trying to get him back in his seat, according to the affidavit, and went looking for another door to get off the plane. He found one in the galley and managed to get it open, authorities say. Then, for unknown reasons, he jumped from the plane, a regional CRJ-200 jet.

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