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The pair warmly shook hands. Mr Kerry, who is in Vietnam as part of his last trip before leaving office, won a medal for bravery for his actions but became an anti-war campaigner after returning home. Mr Kerry told his former enemy, Vo Ban Tam, he

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was glad they were both alive. Mr Tam, now a shrimp farmer, said he knew a man whom Mr Kerry shot and killed and remembered the plan of attack when they first spotted the US patrol boat. Image copyright Reuters Image caption John Kerry (left) talks to former Viet Cong fighter Vo Ban Tam (second right) at the site of their 1969 confrontation The Viet Cong unit had a rocket launcher and was shooting at the US fighters to try to steer them into its range. However, Mr Kerry took a bold move by leaping ashore to pursue his assailants, and shot dead the rocket launcher's operator. Mr Kerry, then aged 26, was credited with saving his crew and was awarded the US military's Silver Star for bravery. Mr Tam named the dead fighter as Ba Thanh and said he was 24 years old. "He was a good soldier," he told Mr Kerry, speaking through an interpreter. Kerry never knew the name or age of the man he shot. When he unsuccessfully ran for president in 2004, Mr Kerry faced critics who claimed he shot a teenager.

South Dakota passed a law to charge out-of-state sales tax to remote online retailers, which conflicts with current federal law, so the matter is being taken to court. According to a report by the National Association of Counties in 2013, Virginia could have collected more than $324 million in taxes if the Marketplace Fairness Act was in place. However, action could come soon. Goodlatte said negotiations are ongoing, and he will continue to discuss the draft legislation and the issue as a whole with lawmakers as the new Congress begins. Its complicated Larry Davidson, owner of Roanoke-based Davidsons Clothing for Men, sees the competition from internet companies firsthand. Hes a longtime advocate for taxing online retailers but is open to ideas other than exactly what was written in the Marketplace Fairness Act. He recently had a customer come in with a suit hed purchased online. It didnt fit properly, and Davidson was able to show him a similar suit in the store that

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fit better. But Davidson points out that when he sells a suit in his store, he must automatically add a 5.3 percent sales tax that many online retailers can avoid. Its not fair, he and other shop owners argue, and an online tax would level the playing field. Collecting tax from online retailers has support from organizations such as the National Retail Federation and chambers of commerce.

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The other was at the Metro PCS at the Country Corner convenience store on Central just south of Indiantown, a police dispatcher told The Palm Beach Post on Saturday. The two calls were within minutes of one another at about 6 p.m., the dispatcher said. Braiden Smith, an employee of Sprint, said one of the two men involved in the crime at his store came in and said he was waiting for his girlfriend to come in from the Five Guys hamburger restaurant next door. He told Sprint employees that she wanted to activate a new phone. See who was recently booked into the Palm Beach County Jail The man walked around the store for a few minutes, and then a second man came in to tell him that the woman was ready to go. Then the men snatched three phones an iPhone 7 plus, an iPhone 7 and an iPhone

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6s and ran out the front door. Smith said together, the phone are worth about $2,000. Details regarding the Metro PCS call werent immediately available Saturday. Smith said the two left in a Dodge Charger.

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