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Her campaign opened offices in April of 2015 and is headed up by Jorge Neri, who ran the state operations for Obamas campaign in 2012. Nevada is a hard place to organize, Neri said. Its a transient town a lot of cellphone use, people move around, and it was hit hard by the recession. You cant just drop in and organize. Neri said the campaign has narrowed down its list of supporters and is pushing them to vote early. (Last cycle, 70 percent of Nevadans who voted cast their ballots early.) A CNN poll of Nevada had Clinton garnering 54 percent of Latino voters support, compared to 33 percent who backed Trump. Nationally, she seems to be doing better with Latinos, with 66 percent saying they see her favorably compared to just 15 percent who say the same of Trump according to a recent Latino Decisions poll . The Clinton campaigns strategy to mobilize the Latino vote in the final days of the campaign goes beyond traditional door knocking. In a memo outlining their strategy obtained by Yahoo News, the campaign emphasizes the use of high-profile surrogates, empowering women in Hispanic households to urge their families to vote, registering voters at Latino-owned businesses and reaching voters at their churches . The campaign has also used Dreamers, young undocumented immigrants whove lived most of their lives in the U.S., to register and educate others even though they cannot vote.

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